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The Stew during Mardi Gras!
       Delicious Blues Stew is a Bluesiana party band covering bayou blues styles such as Baton Rouge & New Orleans blues, zydeco, Cajun, second line and Mardi Gras music.  Eclectic, with quality original material, the Stew founded the highly successful Mardi Gras celebration at Bourbon Street Blues & Boogie Bar in Nashville, Blues Club of the Year in 2000.  The band features a catalogue of over 300 songs, ranging from high-spirited originals to time-honored classics in blues, rock 'n' roll, country & jazz. The Stew delivers good-time Bluesiana Music with a strong Mardi Gras flavor. One observer notes that "no one comes away from a Stew gig unscathed."  Serious musicians serious about having a serious good time!  Serious stuff!
The one and only Wynonna!
Country music star Wynonna says this about the Stew:
      "When I know that Delicious Blues Stew is playing in town, I always smile.  I have the greatest memory of the first time I ever saw them play.  I happened to be at the Bourbon Street Blues & Boogie Bar in Nashville with my mother.  We were there to see Jimmy Vaughan, and after his set, they came on stage.  The next thing I know my mother and I were dancing in the aisles.  They groove my brains out!!!  You need to experience the joy and celebration in their music like I have.  It’s truly a healing experience."

Lots of people find the Stew delicious.  Here's a sampling:

Dan Wakely, Nashville Music Guide: "Those who are familiar with the Nashville music scene know it doesn't get any better when it comes to the blues than the Stew."

Ty Agee, Blues City Cafe, Memphis: "I've never had my employees, my regulars, and the other employees on the street ask for a band like they ask for these guys."

Read more about the band & its music on What People Say.

     The great thing about stew is that there are so many different recipes for making it, each with its own special ingredients.  This Stew works that way, too.  You can get the regular 5-piece Stew, or the jumbo 9-piece Stew.  Need a milder version?  Get the acoustic Stew.  Need something really zesty?  Try the Catahoula Brass Band.      Specialty flavors include award-winning blues educators Nick & Bayou, just right for teaching children about American musical culture & history.  Swamp Stories focuses on humor & story-telling, a very special program for younger children.

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